Lost Angels are so damn good Un Jour Sans Jessica Cest Un Jour De Merde shirt. That song, 42, Anti-Social Smokers Club, Pegasus, Hurt to Look and Brinks Truck are the songs I still listen to from this project. I hate smoking as much as the next man but it has to do with that his technique is shit and touring with bad technique makes your vocal cords strained as fuck. Yeah, it’s his technique that’s destroying his voice. There are ways of preserving your voice while delivering the same gruff sound live but Malone, like Jeezy before him, seems uninterested in refining that. There is a 35ish-year-old woman I work with who smokes like a chimney and me shit you not she sounds like Bobby from the king of the hill. Exactly, great that someone else gets it too. While it would only benefit him to quit smoking, a solid technical foundation is what’s really lacking here.

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I’m a fledgling singer trying to improve Un Jour Sans Jessica Cest Un Jour De Merde shirt. Do you have any videos or specific daily exercises you’d recommend? Tom Waits gets the gravelly voice right with technique. Post Malone should really take the time to learn in order to preserve his career. Surprised this isn’t higher up, first thought when I heard Post come in was that his voice just doesn’t sound healthy. That’s exactly what I was thinking with your Bob Dylan reference. I kind of dig it though, gives his voice a unique sound. Dylan didn’t have a perfect singing voice by any means but it had a character which is why his stuff is classic. Can’t believe I’m comparing Bob Dylan to Post anyways haha. I never really thought much about animation or the work that goes into it until my ex, who was a Disney psycho, talked me through the process of it all. That shit is an insane amount of work, this movie looks absolutely incredible and I can’t even begin to imagine how they started to put it together. The animation is beautiful. This one used a really unique method where they did 2D lifework and made it into 3D like The Incredibles. Then they slowed the frame rate down so it resembled stop motion and make it look more comic book-y in still images. I’m not a fan of the reduced frame rate but there’s a lot of effort and color in the film. I’m hyped for it.

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