I will never forget this game in my life Turtles Sassy Since Birth Salty By Choice shirt. the moment McCoy scored and ran directly to me is a memory that will be in my mind forever !! Kb even threw snow at me it was definitely a hell of a time. my buffalo has terrible sports teams, losers, but we have blizzards, hot buffalo wings and the toughest, most loyal fans in the usa….and no city can deal with snow like ours…One of the best things I have seen on Facebook all year! The opening shot which is in blizzards conditions is awesome. as a boy who grew up in the tropics, that ball must have sting when It hit the hands. They are paid a fortune but that doesn’t get anywhere near how brave they are running around in that. Great spectacle. The Patriots played the Vikings in 1970 at Harvard Stadium. It had snowed the night before and during the game.

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Blimey, what a game Turtles Sassy Since Birth Salty By Choice shirt. Can’t believe Stratford ON Avon schools shut today (but not our school), we have had a tenth of the snow in this game and it’s above freezing and all main roads clear and ice-free… shame…I wish I didn’t have to work Sunday so I could have seen this game live. These guys looked like they were having fun! This is why football is the greatest in sports. They just don’t give a dam about weather conditions, they just go out there and play. Oh, hell no! I love snow cuz I never really see much but I don’t think I’d be able to handle being cold for that long! I know you don’t care but I had so much fun watching this game yesterday I used to love playing football in this weather lmao. you talking about my boyz Y’all can’t win five games bruh yea my phone was dead yea we lost but whats y’all tho record and Y’all lost yesterday to tho.

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