I mean, that’s pretty close So Beautiful Bartender shirt.The Marxist definition of capitalism is the generalized production of goods for exchange. You can have the sale of items without being capitalist, but you can’t have sales and be communist. I love this kind of contradictions. I went to Moscow a few months ago and the place where the CCCP was founded (the Soviet Union) nowadays is right next to the biggest mall in the city. Lenin must be rolling on his grave (which is actually open to the public). It’s not a contradiction, his grave is maintained which means someone works on it, which means they must be compensated. Communists are not so stubborn to believe that you must live like communism already exists because it is impossible to do so under capitalism.

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That’s still not a contradiction, that’s irony So Beautiful Bartender shirt. It’s actually really fascinating the lengths they went to in order to not have capitalism but still attempt to move goods to where they were needed. Also, I liked your comment and laughed. Marxism-Leninism prescribes state socialism as a pathway to communism. There are plenty of other schools of thought that support direct communist revolutions (such as Kropotkin). At the very least Socialism aspiring to be Communism has been tried, and it was more murderous then Fascism. I’ll take a hard pass on all 3 thanks. I was talking about the lazyasses that stay in their mom’s basement all day talking about how they’d lead the communist revolution like it’s Red alert 2. Unpresented reductions in poverty, food scarcity, and crime along with continuous improvement in average human lifespan: capitalism isn’t an artificial ideology like Marxism so it doesn’t really have an intent but yeah, I’d say it’s working pretty great. In Fallout, Russia destabilized around I believe the early 2000s. China would take its place as a bigger threat. Probably for oil and other resources. I have literally built myself a castle at Grey garden where I oversee my northern kingdom whilst my own raiders pillage the southern unincorporated settlements. Life is good at the top.

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