It was a great game but No days Fedex FF peak 2019 shirt. Somebody needs to tell the to stop mentioning no hitters in progress it’s bad luck to talk about a no no and I’m sick of it. They can say the sweaters team is hitless, but not that the pitcher has a no hitter. Monica Manini It’s only an unwritten rule or jinx if his teammates or coaches mention it to the pitcher pitching it, not the announcers. But It’s silly to mention the words no hitter until 6th or maybe even 7th inning. Just say ‘Buehler has held the Rockies without a hit through 5 innings. You can’t be serious it’s their job to talk about what is happening on the field, not be fans. thats a ridiculous comment. It’s a jinx and unwritten rule that’s been around longer than most of us so it’s not ridiculous.Bret Johns, Vin Scully would never say he has a no hitter going regardless of which team it is. 6th consecutive time and what do they have to show for it step it the fuck up. I’m glad we won our Division it is time to get a Title now.

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I wish all announcers would just STFU No days Fedex FF peak 2019 shirt. We don’t need a steady stream of yammering. Our STL announcers are so bad, we watch the games with the sound muted. To me winning the division is really important, because is a whole years work. where as the playoffs is whole different game. Let’s Go Dodgers I’m pump for tomorrow and I will be there for Game 2 of the Division Series. Great win. However, Kershaw has failed us in a crucial game by giving up 5 runs in 5 innings. I don’t foresee this team going further by having him pitching in crucial games. Why Kenley with s 5 run lead. They used him last night and they may need him Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Doesn’t make sense. If you seen the line score with the Dodgers having 18 hits today. You would say Turner had at least 3.
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