Even tho Alabasta and Dressrosa share Mickey Mouse Strong Nurse shirt. For wanting the Shichibukai abolished, I’m pretty sure that Cobra’s question to the Gorosei would have been why did his country’s royal family refuse to become Tenryuubito at the founding of the World Government? That’s pretty good guessing. Because Cobra is in the family, we could assume he knows about the reason why his ancestors didn’t join the Tenryuubitos, but he could not know as well. Good thinking. There are people saying that it could relate to the Poneglyph in Alabasta as well.

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Really good questions Mickey Mouse Strong Nurse shirt. Things I really didn’t think about it, especially these first two. I don’t remember Franky calling “ghost ship”, just he build his cyborg from parts of old ships, but I’ll research and add all these questions on the list. And about the Zoan fruits, this could be the case. I think I will add this to the Vegapunk question of how he learns to make objects eat Devil Fruits. Thank you! I started re-reading after the end of Act 2, and I just got through that part. There was a flashback where Franky tried to stop Puffing Tom from taking to Enies Lobby by literally tackling it, he obviously lost. While he was floating around in the ocean with a mangled body he came across a ship, which he used to rebuild his body as a cyborg. Nothing is ever mentioned about the ship, but from the pictures, it seems to be covered with really high tech devices. I’m strongly suspecting it was one of the SSG’s ships, but we really know nothing about it yet.

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