I fucked up by not negotiating like this Dont Be A D3x Dt3 shirt. He knew that we wouldn’t know how to if he fucked us over, so he did. They provided our apartment, so whenever we’d agitate because the pay was late or not as agreed, he’d have someone slip a note under the door telling us to pack our shit. This happened at least once a month, then followed with a long meeting in his opulent office where he literally, every single time, would compare the school to a restaurant, us to spaghetti, and his business to a menu.

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Anyway, I moved over there with not a lot of money saved and couldn’t go without pay or housing Dont Be A D3x Dt3 shirt. I told him no, not without pay, and he seriously produced a different contract with the original signing page stapled to the back. I just found new jobs on Craigslist as a tutor and refused to move out of the apartment. He had to police come, and they arrested me for god only knows what… She spoke a bit, but the document was in Chinese. I didn’t want to sign some police/legal document that I couldn’t read, and she more or less told me I’d spend time in a cell if I didn’t. So, I did and bought a plane ticket home as soon as I stepped out the door. To this day, I have no idea what that was. I don’t know if I skipped bail or what, but I do know that it’s been awkward as hell to explain why I can’t go to for my current company because I don’t want to get locked up. If you do something illegal you might go to prison, although everyone I know who has been put in a position More likely you’ll just get deported for doing something stupid since that’s the easier option politically. I just did it for the experience, not so much the money… I was writing freelance at the same time, so I figured I’d do something cool at the same time. Randomly applied with a placement company, and a month later I’m on my way.

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